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I am Mina, a Taiwanese girl, born and raised in Berlin but based in London.  Therefore I know my way around good food as well as great beer.

A common greeting in Taiwan is 吃飽沒 [pronounced: 假霸未 jia ba mui], meaning: Did you eat yet?”.
Well, what can I say. We love food and we love to eat. It’s part of our culture. My Mom is THE best cook ever and she makes the most amazing traditional Taiwanese food. Thanks to my lovely sister, who taught me how to bake and craft when I could hardly reach the kitchen counter, I also developed a deep passion for baking and DIY.

When I moved to Taiwan a few years ago, I moved into a small condo with a very basic kitchen – a sink, one stove and no oven. At some point, I got a small toaster oven for Christmas but try making pastry with that. Baking cookies was a disaster to say the least. Burnt on the outside and let’s say gooey on the inside (but not in the good way). 

I started this blog originally to cover mainly food and diy topics. However, since I got really lazy with cooking in Taiwan and started to develop an obsession with Asian beauty and skin care products. For this reason I decided to throw some beauty product reviews* into the mix of nowaddsugar. 

Short story long, I decided to move back to the Western Hemisphere and ended up in the UK. Now that I finally have a fully functional kitchen again and am reunited with my dearly missed Kitchen Aid, I will be trying to come up with more recipes.

now add sugar is a creative concoction of my passion for cooking, baking, diy, travel, beauty and anything in between. Hope that you have tons of fun on my blog and that you find some inspiration over here!


p.s. I’d love to hear from you. So please send me an email and I will get back to you shortly.

*The reviewed products are all bought by myself with my own money, unless stated otherwise. 

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