Totoro Mini Succulent Garden

I love plants but unfortunately the feeling does not seem to be mutual. 🙁  Every time I go on a business trip, back to Europe to visit my family or the sun just gets a little bit too crazy, at least one of my plants decides to commit suicide. Therefore, I decided to make a mini succulent garden for the entrance area in my apartment. I mean, who can kill a cactus, right?

Totoro Mini Succulent GardenHere is what you need for your mini succulent garden: 

  • a small wooden box (I got mine at Daiso)
  • cactae and succulents
  • soil
  • gravel


  • toy figures
  • popsicle sticks
  • white paint

DIY Mini Succulent GardenTo avoid water from damaging the wood, line the insides of the box with plastic. I cut a square from a plastic bag and used super glue to attach it to the box. Be careful, my fingers were completely covered with super glue and it was a little bit of a hassle to peel it off again. DIY Mini Succulent GardenAfter you are done with this, make a small piece of garden fence from 5 popsicle sticks. Cut the sides off and paint the fence in the color of your choice. Let it dry for a few hours.DIY Mini Succulent GardenPut some soil in the box and arrange the succulents. Fill the box with soil and cover it with gravel. Add some decoration like toy figures and the piece of fence once it is dry. I chose Totoro and his friend Mei from the cartoon movie My Neighbor Totoro ăšăȘりぼトトロ. And there you have your mini succulent garden.

This DIY is so easy to make and is a cute and affordable gift idea for friends and family. Which cartoon characters are you going to use for your mini succulent garden?

x, Mina

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