DIY shelf

When I moved to Taipei, I was looking for a small, cozy place to live. Which I found. Don’t get me wrong, I like my apartment, however, there is one thing that I am not a big fan of. Which is the kitchen. Reason #1: It is tiny.  Reason #2: There is no oven. Reason #3: It is tiny. But have a look for yourself. It is adorable and functional but as a foodie and passionate cook, I sometimes wished there was more storage space. I would have never thought that I would miss something as simple and stupid as a drawer.  My […]

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Living in Taiwan has one major perk: FOOD. The abundance of tasty and affordable food is crazy. As a foodie, I would say I am in heaven. Wherever you go, there is something new to try. At almost every street corner there is a tiny stand selling filled pancakes, dumplings or other Taiwanese snacks. Let’s just say, you will definitely not starve in Taiwan. Also, if you consider going on a diet while making a trip to Taiwan: Just don’t.  Even with all the temptation of all the ready-made meals surrounding me, I still enjoy strolling through the supermarket and buying some […]

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Pineapple gummy candy

It almost seems surreal to me that the last time I published a post on my blog has been more than a year ago. Wow, time really does fly. So what has happened in the meantime…  to make a long story short – I moved from Berlin to Taipei and here I am, eating my way through night market food and experimenting with local ingredients in the kitchen. The other day when I was rummaging through my fridge, I found a bottle of SunnyHills pineapple juice that my sister left, when she and her husband last came to visit me. SunnyHills […]

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I am really sorry about not posting for quite some time. Unfortunately, baking and cooking had to take a backseat during the last few weeks (or should I rather say months *cough*) and I have to admit that I missed it quite a lot. Ever since my childhood I loved to bake and always considered it to be a fun activity – and even more so, when you have company.  Therefore, to make these lovely sugar cookies I got myself some support by two baking experts (my sister and my nephew Riley). This recipe is very easy to make. You […]

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This year started off kind of turbulent therefore it was difficult for me to make time to bake and take some pictures. However, preparing a sweet treat for the holidays reminded me of the relaxing and rewarding side of baking …I could do without having to deal with the mess afterwards though. ^^ While browsing the internet I stumbled across this amazing idea of a carrot patch cake by The Partiologist. Therefore I decided to adapt the idea of carrots hidden in a bed of chocolate cake-soil. As I think that chocolate harmonizes perfectly with the taste of oranges I […]

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