Skinfood cafe TaipeiNo, unfortunately this was not an exclusive blogger event where selected bloggers get picked to join a store opening. *Sigh*

Last night, when I got back home I discovered a post on the Skinfood Taiwan Facebook page saying that there would be a special promotion on October 15th. Basically, you could buy a surprise bag filled with items worth more than 2,000 NTD (around 58 EUR) for just 999 NTD (about 29 EUR). All you have to do is head to the opening of the new Skinfood store & cafe and grab one of the limited bags. What can I say, I love spending money. I just wished it was easier to earn it…

This year I noticed that for some reason almost all of the Skinfood stores in Taipei had disappeared. A very unfortunate circumstance, especially considering the fact that I never had the chance to try their “Holy Grail”-Salmon concealer. So when I saw the Facebook post and the awesome surprise bag-offer, I knew my time had come. Ximending

The commute from Hongshulin (where I live) to Ximending – the Harajuku of Taipei – where the store is located takes about an hour. I had a really tough time getting out of bed this morning, plus the rain poured down like crazy. However, I told myself that it would be so worth it and that I would treat myself to a big fat Skinfood-breakfast. By the time I arrived the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. Of course, I was wearing wellies and suffered throughout my whole walk to the store. 

The store is hidden in the furthest corner of one of the smaller side streets. Even though there was a lot of super noisy construction going on outside, which almost made me turn around again, I eventually was able to make it to the store. Be warned, the Skinfood store is tiny.  The cue for the cash register ended around the entrance. Since I wanted to have breakfast first anyway I didn’t really mind it and went to the second floor. Little did I know it would be even worse upstairs. Apparently, the owner had asked all of his relatives and friends to come to the opening. So no coffee, no breakfast. Skinfood Cafe

I went back downstairs and asked one of the clerks about the promotion bags and she handed me one. When I asked her about the Salmon concealer she told me that they don’t have them in stock yet. >_< A little bit disappointed and very hungry I lined up in a cue that just wouldn’t move. Fortunately, water and snacks where handed out to everyone waiting in line. Skinfood TaipeiIt seemed like everyone in front of me had baskets filled with sleeping masks, cleansing foams and whatnot. The girl in front of me bought the complete stock of the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam. 17 tubes in total and about 10 tubs of the Tomato Soup Sleeping Pack. I felt a little bit embarrassed when I handed the cashier just my promotional bag. But I would have bought more if they actually had the stuff I wanted. 

So here is the mystery bag:Skinfood Bag

And here is its content:Skinfood Bag items

  • Black Sugar Mask {380 NTD}
  • Grapefruit Nail Polish Remover {90 NTD}
  • Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover {380 NTD}
  • Rice Brightening Cleansing Foam {490 NTD}
  • Buckwheat Loose Powder #21 (Skin Beige) {350 NTD}
  • Black Bean Eye Brow Pencil {130 NTD}
  • Nail Vita PK #215 (Warm Pink ROSEAU) {125 NTD}
  • Nail Vita Base Coat {125 NTD}

So was it worth the trip? Well, you will be the judge of this. But I was very positively surprised when I saw the Black Sugar Mask and the Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover. Two of my favorite Skinfood products. I just used up my bottle of Milk Shake Point Make-up Remover and therefore this was a perfect timing. 

I think the Skinfood Store & Cafe is a very cute location. If there are less people and as soon as the rest of the stock comes in, I would probably visit again. Since Skinfood is a very nice, inexpensive shop with high quality skincare products, I am very happy that at least one store made it back into Taipei. 

If you want to check out the Skinfood Cafe here is the address:

No. 85-3, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District, Taipei City, 108
MRT: Ximen (Green Line)
Opening Hours (Skinfood Cafe): 11am – 9pm
Opening Hours (Skinfood Store): 11am – 11pm
Let me know how you like Skinfood and what your favorite Korean cosmetics brand is.
x, Mina

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