Shame on me. It’s been such a long time since my last post and I feel super guilty about neglecting my blog for more than a couple of months. Happy uber belated New Year to everyone and sorry about my lack of correspondence!

For a change I thought I blog about something non food-related. But don’t worry, I am still Taiwanese ergo I will never stop eating and cooking and/or baking.

Some time ago we decided to get an upgrade on the ever so comfy (NOT!), plasticky IKEA Marius stools around the dining table. However, as our budget is rather limited we opted for a frugal alternative and went for a little shopping spree at my parents basement. I discovered some chairs that my parents once got from friends who closed down their restaurant in Berlin and moved to East Germany and I even remembered my Mom changing the “original” fabric to this floral one – like 15 years ago…

Little did I know that my Mom wasn’t the only one who had changed the fabric on the chairs throughout the years. So when we removed the first two layers we never expected to get way more than we bargained for:

Anyway, after detaching the seat from the wooden frame and removing all of the fabric and the old foam padding we started to roughly sand off the old finish. To remove the dust we used white vinegar and paper towels. After finishing the first can of spray paint we noticed that we would need at least two cans for each chair which would have cost way more than we were willing to spend on an upcycling project. Therefore we decided to go for a less refined and more rustic look instead and paint all of the chairs using oil-based paint and a paint brush.

Due to moisture and age the wood of the seats didn’t look too great anymore, however we decided that it would still be sturdy enough to hold us even after a heavy meal and decided to replace the old cushioning with new foam padding and fabric nonetheless. (Sorry, if the seat looks a little bit gross.)

When you cut the foam padding, keep in mind to add one or two inches of excess so that you can easily staple it to the seat.

The fabric we picked  out turned out to be a little bit slippery, however, in order to have a nice result you have to pull the fabric to be able to staple it to a tight shape.


When the paint had dried and all of the seats were reupholstered, we screwed all of the pieces back together: Ta-Da!

If you want to give your old chairs a makeover you need:

– sandpaper

– vinegar

– oil-based paint

– paint brush

– foam padding

– fabric

– staple gun

– pencil

What do you think?

This upcycling project really wasn’t that difficult at all and it hardly cost more than one of those stools.

x, Mina

P.s. tbh, the Mister did most of the work. I would love to take all of the credit though, because I quite like the way the chairs turned out.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Trisha says:

    awesome! i love this transformation !!

  2. Your chairs look so great! I have wanted to reupholster our dining room chairs almost from the time we purchased them. Usually it just involves wishes, but one time I actually even looked at fabric! I quickly got overwhelmed so they are still there with their original fabric. Your post makes it look so easy–and the finished product is amazing. I may have to restart the hunt for fabric.Thanks for posting this on #sustainablesunday.

    • Mina says:

      Thanks Katy! <3
      The project is actually really easy. The hardest thing is to find time to get started.
      Good luck on the fabric hunt. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      x, Mina

  3. Super cute! I love that you found all of the old covers!

    Thanks for linking up to #SustainableSundays!

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